5 Eating Triggers You Need to Know Before You Diet

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5 Eating Triggers You Need to Know Before You Diet

I know it's hard to find time to "exercise", but it's [url=https://cbsecure.co.uk/lean-body-hacks-review/]Lean Body Hacks [/url]   easier if you look at it as being active instead of having some set routine for burning your baby fat. Play with your kids! They have so much energy to run around & play, so join in the fun. I love to pick my daughter up, turn her upside down, & swing her by her legs. She loves it too, & I promise you I'm burning some fat as I'm doing it. She also loves it when I chase her around the bar in our kitchen. Actually, she likes it when I start to chase her, but then I go the other direction & surprise her. It doesn't take long before my heart rate is up & I'm out of breath, but I know I'm doing my body good as well as having fun with my daughter.

Another thing you're probably doing is carrying your child around. My daughter is 17 months old, but I still carry her at times even though she's been walking for months. She also likes it when I toss her up in the air. I plant my feet shoulder-width apart, bend my legs, & toss her just a little. It doesn't take long before I'm feeling the burn in my arms & legs, but that fat is burning too! She's over 24 pounds, so she's no feather. My arms have never looked better as a result!

Now that my daughter is starting to talk more, we take a different route on our morning walk. We used to go through our subdivision on a nature trail, but now we walk out to the back entrance to see the cows. We're out in what used to be the country in our area, & there are still a few farms around us. She loves to say "moo" to the cows as we walk past them. It's a change of scenery for me, but it's also fun to have her involved as I walk. And, of course, I'm burning fat along the way.

Be creative. Don't get stuck in a rut as to what counts towards burning your baby fat. It doesn't necessarily have to be using an exercise machine or lifting weights. Your baby is much more fun to lift than a dumbbell! Get moving & have some fun as you're doing it. Your kids will love it!Calories are essential for good health.

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