Browns get help at WR as Coleman returns

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Browns get help at WR as Coleman returns

With all of the quality shows currently on the air, the common consensus is we're living in a Golden Age of television, despite the fact that both TV sales and cable subscriptions have been steadily plummeting like Jack Nicholson at the end of Batman. The reason? Streaming is slowly taking over.

This means Sport Shop for Cheap Houston Texans Gears and Jerseys viewers are becoming even more adverse to watching commercials than ever before, since the world is full of services that will provide the same content without them (not always legally). This has created a battle in which broadcast TV is having to fight for ways to get more advertisements into your eyeballs, whether you like it or not. And things are starting to get weird. As we speak, they are .

Even in a world of  and, you know, torrents, about 90 percent of our TV viewing is still done via regular old broadcasts. So, most of the time when we're watching reruns of our favorite episodes of Frasier or Seinfeld, we're watching them in syndication on TBS or some local Fox affiliate. Did you notice that something seems . a little off?

It might be because channels have begun airing reruns of popular old shows on fast rams jerseys for sale forward, just to cram more commercials into their allotted time slots. Oh, sure, they're not running them at double speed so that Ross and Rachel are zipping around their apartment, having a wacky, high pitched chipmunk argument about their wedding. You would notice that. On paper, this actually makes sense because commercial breaks have progressively been getting longer   commercial breaks on cable are between one and two minutes longer than they were just a few years ago. The only way that channels such as TBS can accommodate the longer commercial breaks that have since become the industry standard is either cutting actual scenes or making everybody talk just a little bit faster. Or, you know, just making less money. Have you ever wondered why it's a fast forward button and not a button that just skips forward two or three minutes? Wouldn't that make more sense? Actually, the designers of TiVo absolutely could have made a skip button, but they chose not to because they were terrified that no network would support a device that could be used to circumvent commercials.

Instead, they included a fast forward option, so that even if you skip the ads, you still kind of have to watch them. I think I will eat seven Big Macs for lunch."

As such, some companies have started to develop commercials with the fast forward viewing habits of DVR owners in mind, such as the one showing a super slow motion video of a Volkswagen that looks like a static advertising image while you fast forward through it. Other companies such as  phone system have created an ad featuring a mascot that never moves from the center of the screen, which eventually leaves you with a dime store Jiminy Cricket image, burned into your retinas."You'll see me in your sleep! And I won't be friendly then."

Dish's Hopper DVR does have an ad skipping feature called AutoHop, which can be set to automatically jump over every commercial break .

Yes, that is a banner ad being displayed on a new Panasonic television set, which is built directly into the unit. Admittedly, it's an optional setting that you can go in and turn off, but why in the name of The Ben Stiller Show would anyone ever want their TV to shove banner ads into their face every time they try to adjust the volume? According to some reviews, if you use your new Panasonic smart TV to stream a program from your laptop or any other external device, the TV will helpfully interrupt what you're watching every so often to show you a commercial. That's right   the TV will interrupt you as you are watching a movie that you own for the occasional commercial break.

And here's an Australian news report on how Pepsi is so delicious that there's no need to see the rest of the broadcast.

It gets worse  Online Buy Discount Chargers Jerseys for Free Shipping  keen eyed consumers noticed that by agreeing to the privacy policy accompanying Samsung's new line of smart TVs, which feature voice activated controls, anything you said could be recorded and transmitted to a third party, to then be used to choose the appropriate advertisement for you. Honestly, at this point, we would be more comfortable just mailing Samsung a couple of bucks each month to prevent them from recording our private conversations and then bring the best possible commercial. Another, more attractive alternative is not buying their shitty television.

If we had to guess what advertisers hate more than anything else, it would probably be the human bladder, followed immediately by live television. The unpredictability of live broadcasts, such as sporting events, makes it difficult to schedule commercial breaks without running the risk of viewers missing something .