Browns players feel dissed by Gipson's remarks

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Browns players feel dissed by Gipson's remarks

Welcome back to another Bob Asmussen chat. Hope everybody had Super weekend. What a game, although I will admit I was rooting for Atlanta. I have to hand it to Tom Brady and New England. Very impressive comeback. There should be a debate about the overtime rules, but not now. It is too fresh. If Atlanta wanted to win the game, it should have played better defense and not gotten its quarterback sacked to mess up a field goal try.

Other than watching football and basketball this weekend, I also celebrated my wife's birthday with the family. She is two years older than me, which I mention maybe once or twice a week. I should probably knock it. off.

When was the last time when the Illini basketball team had a football player join at mid season to play basketball? I read among the recruits' descriptions that one of our '17 recruits is a pretty good basketball player. Worth consideration for future year(s)?

Also, is there a list somewhere listing of athletes playing both basketball and football (Division I)?

Anotther thing, what are the chances of Whitman getting a scoop on Cuonzo Martin HC at Cal Berkeley via either or both Hardy Nickerson(s) since they coached/played there (football) ?????? What's your take on Groce's situation?

I have a vague memory of receiver Walter Young joining the basketball team one year. I will have to double check to see if he played in any games.

The hard part about a football/basketball double is that the season collide. It is easier to play football and baseball or track because there isn't as much overlap. Spring ball would be a factor, but I know there are guys who have been able to do both.

The football recruit you are talking about is Louis Dorsey, a receiver/tight end from Jacksonville, Fla. He was a good enough basketball player to get a scholarship offer from Illinois State. Once he gets established in football, I would think the basketball staff would welcome him. Basketball coaches love the layer of toughness that football players provide.

I will work on finding a list of athlets nationally who do both. I have a feeling, it won't be a very long list. Partly because at the high school level, the multisport athlete numbers seem to be dropping. A shame in my mind.

I wonder if Hardy Nickerson knows Cuonzo Martin? If he goes, I', guessing he could provide some insight. But I also think Josh Whitman will have many avenues to find out information about the coach if he wants to go that way.

My two cents: If Illinois decides to make a change, there isn't a better candidate out there than Martin. He checks a lot of boxes: great coach, excellent recruiter, Big Ten guy, local guy, great personality. Unless you are anti Purdue, there is little argument against him. I don't think money would be an issue. The only question is if he wants to leave the weather and lifestyle in California to come back close to home.

I share your disgust. Art Briles is out and he should be. I have a hard time seeing any school allowing him to coach again.

I don't think the NCAA did enough with the Penn State case and early end of the santions bothered me. A lot. I would have either shut down the football program permanently or banned it for 10 years. I put Baylor Nike USA Soccer Jersey in the same boat. The level of lawlessness and acceptance of lawlessness is reprehensible.

Long term, I think there needs to be major reforms how the NCAA deals with schools that can't keep their athletes under control. A big part of the problem is the notion that you must win at all costs. In today's society that is no longer acceptable. The end doesn't justify the means.

Did the NCAA approve an extra assistant coach could be hired for FB? Now that Tim McGarigle has left for the pro opportunity does that mean the Illini will hire two new assistants? The only coaching position left open is that of LB. Will Nickerson who has a great background here take them over or will a new guy come in? Will these two new hires also have good recruiting resumes as well? I believe McGarigle had part of Chicago and its Northern suburbs didn't he? Do you think Lovie will want to get these hires real quick because practice starts so early also? With his background I would imagine Lovie would be able to get alot of people interested in joining his staff wouldn't you? I thinks its pretty impressive that with all of the coaching turnover of the last few years in Champaign that he was able to hold his staff together.

The 10th assistant is not a done deal. but it looks like it will be. There is strong support across the board and the schools have the money. Bottom line, it will help the players and there seems to be a major push there.

Losing Tim McGarigle was a blow to Illinois on the field and in recruiting. His players strongly supported him and he was a dynamic recruiter. But you can't blame him for going to the NFL, where the money is better. I won't be surprised if he comes back to college in the near future as a defensive coordinator. He has that ability. Personally, he has always been a great guy and I wish him great success with the Packers.

Hardy Nickerson will be heavily involved in the direction Illinois goes with the coaching staff. He detroit lions jerseys for sale could work with the linebackers himself or bring in someone he trusts to do the job.

Recruiting will be a key to the next hire. And I think it will happen quickly. The school doesn't want to have spring ball down a coach.

I have always felt that continuity to the staff is a key to Illinois becoming a consistent winner in football. I think Lovie Smith recognizes that too. But he wants hjs coaches ot advance if that is possible. I'm sure he is sorry to see McGarigle go, but happy that he moved up.

One last thing on the coaching position if a 10th is added: Nathan Scheelhaase is on the support staff and would be an excellent choice. He knows the school and the game.

There is doubt because the season isn't over. If Illinois goes on a run at the Big Ten tournament and wins an NCAA bid, nothing will happen with Johh Groce. But the way the season is going now, I think it will be difficult for Josh Whitman to bring him, back. He will be the one who makes the call. The fans are speaking loudly, but they won't decide.

If Illinois makes a change, I have to assume there is a plan in place to hire a high level replacement. The money is there and the school has a new facility to sell and a good recruiting class coming in. I don't buy the idea that Illinois can't make a high profile hire.

The incoming recruiting class is part of the reason for Illinois to consider keeping John Groce. But it not the only factor. The direction of the program and the general support from the outside will go into Josh Whitman's decision.

One thing I am sure of: Whitman will not wait long after the season to make the call, whether he keeps John Groce or doesn't. He showed with the Bill Cubit firing and Lovie Smith hiring that he doesn't hesitate. He is decisive and doesn't waste time. Fans like that. They want patriots jerseys cheap the AD to act with urgency and I believe strongly that he will.

I am not at practice, so I don't know what John Groce sees every day. But most successful college basketball coaches will stick with a hot hand. It is OK to have a plan, but you have to build in some flexibility with that plan. That doesn't seem to be the case with John Groce.

Barring an unexpected turnaround, I think you will see a change. But as I said earlier, it is not a done deal.

Some early keys to establish before 2017 FB kickoff. Offensively: 1)Establish the ability to run the ball. 2)How much Dudek and Dre Brown can contribute to a clock controlling offense. 3)Settle on a QB that can manage a ball control offense that limits mistakes and helps keep a young defense off the field. Defensively: Find a defensive line combination between returning players who saw some game experience, some red shirted players who will see their first action, and some new faces from the class of 2017 who can step in and contribute while gaining some valuable experience. This unit may singularly determine how well the Illini compete this year. I know its early, but what do you think of this?