FFXIV: Onslught Is In A Good Place Imo

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FFXIV: Onslught Is In A Good Place Imo

Make Onslaught like the wow charge ability and it will make this job the most fun to play ever. Hell you can make all gap closers free abilities with CDs and it will make the game so much better. And you can also buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil from us if you don't want to earn money by yourself, we can do that for you.

It's not necessarily a loss, FC costs a GCD but Onslaught does not, so depending on what GCD you gain using Onslaught to dump gauge instead of FC you might actually end up on top. That and it's nice having an off GCD gauge dump.

"Make onslaught free" please no. I need it as a gauge dump. It you want to change it, make the potency MORE THAN A FUCKING AUTOATTACK. It's so lame to see an IR Onslaught do 4k, followed by an IR autoattack for 5.6k.

This technically would be a WAR buff and I can understand people being hesitant to do so. It just feels bad to actually use it. Like, "Hit this button to do 80% of an autoattack" is pretty lame. The gapclose and enmity modifier are pretty good, sure, but the damage is an afterthought, which feels bad man

Onslaught is in a really good place imo. It’s a dps loss to use in your regular rotation unless you need the gap closer to not lose uptime. So you’ll almost always have it if you need it. If you’re managing your gauge correctly you should always have more than the 20 gauge if you need it.

The only exception is it may be on cooldown during inner release but inner release nullifies knockbacks so a situation where you need onslaught but it’s not available is very rare. It’s the most reliable gap closer in the game for these reasons. To be honest, FFXIV is not a new player friendly game at all, if you are new to this game, you'd better read our FFXIV Guide Features on FFXIV4Gil to find some good ways to level up.