Final Fantasy XIV: Eureka Grind Tips

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Final Fantasy XIV: Eureka Grind Tips

Looking to get some Eureka gear (for the glamour). Share your best tips for grinding it out? You can see more tips on FFXIV4Gil, then you can also buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

Depends on your level. Leveling 3 to ~9 is probably the slowest and most obnoxious part. Not only do you feel worthless besides for resurrecting other players, but the XP you get from most NM is harshly penalized. At these low levels, you are better off trying to run with a secondary train that avoids the high level NM, but this can be tricky to organize in the chaos of a Eureka instance.

For levels ~9 through ~17, every NM will give you pretty good XP and leveling feels quick. The last couple levels feel a bit slow again because of the high XP requirements, but not too bad.

The gear takes a lot of crystals and you'll get the most crystals from doing NMs. So enter Eureka and shout that you're lfg for an nm party and get your invite. Go to where the train is at and either help out with killing the trigger mobs, or just stand around. Doing something along side either of these options like watching Netflix will make it go faster.

Not sure what level you are now, but you shouldn't have to worry about leveling. Doing the NMs required to get your crystals will get you enough exp to get to 20. Gear upgrades have no level requirements, only the weapon requires you to be 19 to get the necessary drop from Pazuzu.

OP use the search bar theres like 4 guides. Train is by no means efficient time wise.
Chain mobs 5-6 lv above you away from the train with a group of 8 (1 tank 1 heal) and hit relevant NM as they spawn. You can get 500-700 base xp per kill every 20-30s if done proper. Dont hit any NM below lv 7 (once youre like 9+). Nobody but you can attack the mobs or youll suffer huge XP penalty