Guides of Optimize Your PS4 For FFXIV

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Guides of Optimize Your PS4 For FFXIV

Want to Optimize your ps4 or ps4pro for FFXIV like a boss? Follow this guide to get your FPS up and your PS4 rocking in every game you play, especially FFXIV! Regardless of the type of ps4 you have or what size and quality of the monitor or TV that you're playing on the first thing you can change are some basic settings within Final Fantasy 14. Final Fantasy XIV Gil is essential in this game, if you end up liking the game, at FFXIV4Gil, you will able to buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

⑴ First and foremost if you're on a ps4 Pro change the graphics settings to full 1080p instead of the ps4 Pro 4k setting in under your graphic settings, because if you do this you'll pretty much guarantee a constant 60 frames per second even in pretty congested areas.  And regardless of your screen size the graphic quality difference between the ps4 Pro upscale mode and the full 1080p mode is so minuscule.

⑵ If you're on the 4k mode, you're gonna be dipping into you know 30 frames a second sometimes lower it can extremely congested areas like Eureka and major cities where something's going on but in 1080p mode you never have any of those issues as a side note for most ps4 Pro users make sure for all actually all ps4 users make sure you have boost mode turned on in your Playstation.

⑶ System settings this is very important, because if you playing any game that isn't a PlayStation 4 pro game like it hasn't had a Pat's come out to support the pro you're gonna get better frames. Per second better quality image but boost mode turned on and if you were running to newer Craster's to turn it off.

⑷ Other thing another thing you can do to get some more performance is to change. Your settings to only show spell effects of yourself and the members of your party.

The hard drive recognizes what games you play the most what files you're accessing so if you generally only play two or three games and your ps4. Regularly it remembers that and it can starts to access those files that you access regularly quicker and you can drastically reduce your load times it's not going to increase frames per second.