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I am not responsible to Madden Mobile Coins

I am not responsible morally (for) what the others have done," said Blatter, also distancing himself from the FIFA ethics judge who resigned this month after being linked to a Madden Mobile Coins Panama-based law firm which helped wealthy clients set up offshore clients.Uruguayan lawyer Juan Pedro Damiani was appointed in 2006.

Blatter-chaired FIFA executive committee to the ethics panel, and won election in 2013 by FIFA member federations to retain his place."Why should I have known it?" Blatter said of allegations that Damiani helped set up offshore accounts for three men, including a former FIFA vice president, indicted by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn.

"This is again a disappointment. You should not accept such an election."Blatter is a target of the widening investigations by American and Swiss federal prosecutors. He was suspended from duty and then banned by the FIFA ethics committee after Swiss prosecutors opened criminal proceedings against him for suspected mismanagement.

He declined to talk Friday about ongoing criminal cases, including financial investigations into Germany's 2006 World Cup bid, and did not address a question about potential nepotism in Cheap Madden Coins contracts with a marketing agency headed by his nephew.