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Is Hoodie Melo at NBA 2K19


Before bypassing cutscenes, be certain that you allow the game complete auto-saving to make certain your progress is recorded. Additionally, NBA 2K MT Coins to be sure you earn your VC rewards, then just skip the cutscene once the golden coin VC icon appears on the lower side of the display.

Regrettably, there's no workaround to bypass another cutscenes in MyCareer as well as The Neighborhood, which is understandable considering that the developers probably want players to witness all the labors of their effort in creating dialogue and animations.

Hoodie Melo, New York Knicks shooting forward Carmelo Anthony's unstoppable alter ego who can shoot from anywhere on the court with pinpoint accuracy, has been making waves social websites because the NBA 2017 summer off-season. Even though Melo has other alter-egos (Olympic Melo and Bodega Melo), Hoodie Melo is arguably the very best, with plenty of NBA fans vouching for his addition in NBA 2K19.

Cutting straight to the chase, Hoodie Melo isn't in the game, but you will certainly want him. Searching online, you will likely see Bleacher Report's troll video of unlocking Hoodie Melo mid-match, which helped the Knicks win 97-35 from the Golden State Warriors. Before Hoodie Melo obtained "unlocked" in Bleacher Report's video, the Knicks were behind 30-35, meaning he prevented the Warriors from creating one shot. 2K Sports also hopped on Hoodie Melo's popularity back then, saying he'd have a 98 total rating in NBA 2K19 when they added him making Hoodie Melo that the best player in the league together with Smiling Kawhi Leonard. In contrast, the routine Melo only has an 84 overall rating in NBA 2K19.

At the moment, Hoodie Melo is nowhere available in NBA 2K19 News, unless he is a secret unlockable character. We also tried playing a few Blacktop games with Melo, but he simply wore either a black or white top in the match. Also, Melo overlooks shots in Blacktop.