MLB The Show 18 Patch 1.08 Out Now

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MLB The Show 18 Patch 1.08 Out Now

SDS released a brand new online event for Diamond Dynasty. The"Hall of Fame Event" needs players to play 6-inning games on Hall of Fame difficulty, with the ultimate goal of earning the new occasion reward, 92 overall Wade Boggs. Boggs is one of the ideal occasion rewards in MLB 18 Stubs in recent memory. He can be made by racking up 25 wins in the new event, which ends May 14.

Last, a new roster update came out today. This is not an upgrade that contains updates and downgrades, but instead includes standing changes and roster moves. This is notable because Braves outfielder Ronald Acu?a Jr., the best prospect in baseball, is presently in Diamond Dynasty. He also debuts as a 76 overall silver, an astronomical amount to get a 19-year-old rookie.

More information on the current content upgrade are available here. What do you think of the current Buy MLB The Show 18 Stubs upgrade? Which of the new players are you excited to use in Diamond Dynasty?

MLB The Show 18 received a massive update now, and anybody who plays the game online should be thrilled. San Diego Studio released Patch 1.08 just in time to the start of May, hoping to increase online play quality and rejuvenate the participant card material found within Diamond Dynasty, The Display's most popular mode.