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The 2018 NHL trade deadline wasn't quite as epic as many had hoped Authentic Justin Bailey Jersey , but a handful of impact players were moved out. This included sniper Evander Kane, standout centre Derick Brassard, perennial 30-goal man Rick Nash and former New York Rangers captain, Ryan McDonagh. This just proves that in the NHL Leon Draisaitl Jersey , no player is off-limits, and teams need to be ready to make big moves in order to challenge the best teams in the league going forward.

But for those out there who were disappointed to see a handful of blockbuster names not move out, don't panic just yet. There is still the NHL off-season, which promises to see a handful of major trades. Many names who weren't moved at the deadline may have been priced to high. Other reasons might be that teams on the playoff bubble would rather see what happens in the playoffs before making a major push at a big name to shake up their teams.

Will the Ottawa Senators deal captain Erik Karlsson? Or is he telling the truth when he says he wants to stay in the nation's capital? An even bigger question is whether Eugene Melnyk still wants him around at the price he is asking. Speaking of captains , Max Pacioretty seems poised to leave the Montreal Canadiens, but who will offer up the best package for the power forward?

Expect a great deal of major NHL trades to happen in the off-season. But who's going to where? And what will the returns be? Here are 15 NHL trades to watch out for this summer.

Matt Patricia didn’t look pleased at the end of the first half, and who can blame him?

The Lions kicked field goals on its first two drives after reaching the Tampa Bay 6-yard line and 8-yard line. His defense gave up a touchdown to the Bucs’ first-team offense and then watched Jameis Winston throw a touchdown for the Bucs in the second quarter.

But the worst offense for the Lions came on the final play of the first half.

The Lions lined up for a 62-yard field goal with seven seconds remaining in the half. Matt Prater‘s kick came up short, and Adam Humphries caught it in the back of the end zone and made like Auburn’s Chris Davis.

Humphries went 109 yards to the other end zone for a touchdown.

It’s a situation the Bucs worked on at the end of an Aug. 11 practice Authentic Connor Brickley Jersey , according to the Tampa Bay Times.

“As we know from the college game, that could be a season-changing play,” Bucs coach Dirk Koetter told the newspaper, referencing the famous “Kick Six” play in the 2013 Alabama-Auburn game , where Davis returned a missed field goal 109 yards with no time remaining. “That’s just one of the many things that you’ve got to cover in training camp.”

 New England Patriots Customized Jerseys