Path Of Exile Is So Popular Even To This Day

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Path Of Exile Is So Popular Even To This Day

Thats just a guess. I dont have access to it to check it and they refuse to tell me anything. All I got was an email from sup that the account is locked cos of a new login location and a code I should use for login. I was able to log into poe trade currency when this happened. I just changed my pw, relogged and I wasnt even able to log into forums anymore. Theres still a chance the hacker didnt get in game, but then why it takes so long for Path Of Exile to get my acc back? Can only wait for their response and hope. Would be pretty sad way to leave the game.

If they didn't do this then people would just convert to fire or ignite with glacial cascade or frostbolt and ignore fire skills again. That's the same a pigeonholing, just seems cooler because of an added conversion mechanic. And i think we are very far from the 'you can do anything' already that this game once was. I have no problem with it, but i understand those who might.

Yeah i wish they gave EA the +1 Radius treatment fireball got. But i think these ignite buffs might be enough to make EA not suck completely in terms of single target so I am pretty pumped. A bit sad that Elementalist might become the go to class but the prolif definitely looks juicy.

Well this is usually what happens when you take a full poe items for trade build to higher tier maps without having really good gear. The most you can do is get a shaper quantity amulet with some life and maybe get a pair of boots with more life. Other than that you can get some better jewels. You can also swap out Devoto's for starkonjas. Full MF builds typically dont do that well in high tier maps unless you have really good gear or a headhunter. Thats why people use them to farm maps such as T3 burial chambers.