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Tell the Russians to come over mmogdp

In the shocking editorial, she wrote that young women 'don't mind when fat Maplestory 2 Mesos hangs down from their stomach' and that men in the city 'turn gay' because females are so unattractive.Outraged residents have now hit back at the claims, with one claiming there are 'plenty of slim and sexy lesbians in Manchester'. Emma Whelan, 32, a lesbian working in retail from Manchester, said it was 'the craziest thing she's ever heard'.'I think it's absolute.

Tell the Russians to come over and have a look we'll show them a good time. It's small minded.'Obesity is no worse in Manchester than anywhere else, just look at America, it's a lot worse there. There are plenty of slim and sexy lesbians in Manchester.' Rebecca Newman, 29, added that it was naive for Ms Titko to think people chose to be gay because they weren't attracted to a certain person.'

I think that you don't just decide if you're gay or straight it's something you were born with. You don't see a fat woman and think "I'm just going to start sleeping with men",' she said. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 2 Next Marine Le Pen declares she is the best candidate to face the... French presidential candidate Macron BANS two Russian news... EXCLUSIVE: Threesomes, a prostitute and 'borrowing' Sean...

Share this article Share 'Obesity is an issue but not just in Manchester and bonus not just women. If you are looking at someone based on just looks you're doomed on failure. 'It's like she's saying that curvier people aren't attractive which as a woman she should only be encouraging women to be confident and not to confirm to the idea that only skinny people are beautiful.' Martin Mathews, who is a anti social behaviour officer, said the whole thing was 'frankly ridiculous'.