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Viable On Toaster Poe Of Exile

Alternatively, Ascendant Pathfinder/Berserker which also gives increased damage taken and access to more jewel slots. Use either abyss jewels for poe exalted orb damage or Fragile Bloom for increased damage taken and life regen.

Used to be a thing back in the day before they nerf Pathfinder's 'Master Surgeon' node and 'The Harvest', probably not as consistent nowadays. Possibility of using Vaal Molten Shell for single target. Not viable on toaster PCs. I gave up trying this character after my fan started buzzing really loud when I play this build           poe orbs cheap.

I just didn't really see much reason to play it. The single target was half of what a normal build would do (which clears fine without completely committing to explosions) and the explosions would end up worse than something like an Obliteration or Infernal Blow build.

My first real day on the game, a couple weeks ago, I had to turn off global chat. These folks were going hard with edginess from politics to religion to philosophy--it was too edgelord redpill for me. At least that day. Totally took me out of the game. So much better now that it's silent.