Why Not Learn About the Cause of Type 2 Diabetes and Then Reverse It?

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Why Not Learn About the Cause of Type 2 Diabetes and Then Reverse It?

There are also other factors that can actually  Blood Sugar Premier   cause to elevate your risk of having diabetes during your pregnancy. These includes your family history in connection with diabetes, obesity, having an age over 25, giving birth to a baby having a weight of greater than 5 pounds or to a stillborn baby.

American Diabetes Association suggests that women being 24 and 28 weeks pregnant are to be screened for any sign of gestational diabetes or even sooner if your family had as history of gestational diabetes. Screen tests like blood glucose test, glucose tolerance test are conducted to check your blood glucose level.

If you are already diagnosed with diabetes, usually, doctors warn you against having a baby since it can bring about some abnormalities for the baby. Nowadays, diabetic women can have the same chance of having a normal pregnancy as to those non-diabetic moms due to preconception care and some careful planning.

However, pregnancy can aggravate diabetes complications that are classified as long term. It is advised to perform these evaluations before stopping taking birth control methods. These evaluations include eye exam, pelvic exam, blood pressure reading, kidney function test, assessment for heart diseases and hemoglobin A1c test.

Just keep in mind to talk with your doctor about your plans on your pregnancy. Your doctor is the will possibly suggest taking some prenatal vitamins, specifically folic acid which functions to decrease the risk of birth defects.