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million base salary for 2017.

When the Cardinals signed Justin Pugh to a five-year [url=]Authentic Lamar Jackson Jersey[/url] , $45 million deal this offseason, some people noted that Pugh has missed 13 games over the last two seasons and wondered if his body will hold up in Arizona.

As you’d imagine, Pugh isn’t happy with any label that suggests he’s a bad risk because he’s injury prone. During an appearance on Arizona Sports 98.7, Pugh said people are “not doing their diligence” if they label him that way and explained what led to the back injury that kept him out of the lineup for the Giants’ final eight games last year.

“We were struggling up front and they moved me to a position I hadn鈥檛 played in two years,鈥?Pugh said. 鈥淚鈥檓 out there playing right tackle and then they were like [url=]Tre'Quan Smith Jersey Elite[/url] , 鈥榳e need you to play left guard鈥?and then next week it鈥檚 back to right tackle.聽That鈥檚 not good for your body. You can鈥檛 get used to it that fast and there was some anxiety because I hadn鈥檛 played the position in two years, going to right tackle. … I just put one on the back for the team, no pun intended, and it ended up not helping me too much. It would have been a totally different story this past year if I wasn鈥檛 in that situation.”

We can’t know how things would have gone for Pugh if he’d remained at one position for all of last season, but the hope in Arizona is that he’ll be staying put at right guard all year. If that leads to better health [url=]Matt Paradis Jersey[/url] , it would be welcome news for running back David Johnson and perhaps quarterback Sam Bradford‘s own bid to tamp down the injury prone label as well.

Rob Gronkowski said earlier this week he was open to a new deal. The Patriots tight end didn’t get that, but he did agree to a restructured deal Thursday.

The Patriots added $1 million in per-game bonuses and $3.3 million in incentives to Gronkowski’s contract, raising his maximum value for 2018 to $13.05 million, Gronkowski’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus [url=]Ty Montgomery Jersey Elite[/url] , told PFT.

Gronkowski will make the full amount if he鈥檚 on the 46-man roster for 16 games and hits three of four performance triggers: $1.1 million for 80 percent play time; $1.1 million for 70 catches; $1.1 million for 1,085 yards; and/or $1.1 million for nine touchdowns.

That is one more yard, one more catch and one more touchdown than Gronkowski had last season. He played 79.3 percent of the team’s snaps.

Gronkowski was due to make $8 million in base salary and $750,000 in per game roster bonuses this season. He didn’t earn a $250,000 workout bonus in the offseason [url=]Authentic B.J. Hill Jersey[/url] , choosing to stay away and train on his own.

The Patriots added $5.5 million in incentives to Gronkowski’s deal last season to go with his $4.25 million base salary for 2017.

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