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wood floor of balcony

The balcony is in all sorts of rooms in increasing, arrive greatly 2few smooth, small arrivfew smooth, it isatisfied and comfortable little space, neepiece of chair only occasionally, can spend happiness afternoon. How be being made ibig question however. The wooden floor that regardfoundation as building materials should choose rising is extremely difficult more.

Wooden floor is as close as photograph of woodiness metope color, perfect confluence the scene at that time, breakfast, afternoon tea can undertake here. Sometimes big balcony mights as well putable of big drop, sebook taste tea, full satisfied.

Huge balcony puts desk opiece of tea, chair ofew iron art, collocation is simple and natural. All sorts of bouquet are ifloret gardeof strive to be the first opengreen meaning is abundant. This is to want to also move even the bedroom, be easy and comfortable very?

The balcony is installed so also ikind of art, do not want to sebook still can enjoy the picture outside the window, the conveyed master high grade of figure and tall enjoy. The wooden floor of joining together does not have interestime, by the sun of plant keep out not so dazzling, so natural breath also diffused whole space.

Actually the balcony need not put too much thing, spreawood only floor and kind tree okinds of basins, secontracted desk and chair next, literary force of bar of division thick line.

Since the balcony after laying load floor, who says dare is it not beautiful? At once the action rises, make 1self little garden!
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