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WUHAN Cheap Xabi Alonso Jersey , China, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) -- Australia beat South Korea 1-0 at the International Youth Football Tournament here on Tuesday.

Australia ranked the third after the match as they collected 4 points during the tournament, and the South Koreans have to sit at the bottom with merely one point from three games.

Substitute striker Jamie Maclaren made the winner on 39 minutes from a clumsy clearance by a Korean defender when the ball hit him and bounced into the empty net following chaos in the penalty area.

Maclaren came close on three other occasions, only to squander all of them. The Koreans fought hard on the pitch, but had only one goal-bound chance throughout the match. In the 45th minute Cheap Tom Starke Jersey , Jong Jae Hyuk's curving shot inside the box was denied by keeper John Hall with a nice diving save.

China's under 22 team will play Brazil in the last match of the tournament. The hosts are now levelled with Brazil with 4 points, the clash between the two will decide the winner of the tournament.

When a man discovers manhood bumps on his equipment, he often worries about what this might mean in terms of his male organ health, and with good reason. Sometimes bumps can indeed mean a condition exists which needs attending to. But in the case of Fordyce spots, the bumps are benign and don’t really require attention medically.

Nonetheless Cheap Timothy Tillman Jersey , some men (and some partners) don’t like the look of Fordyce spots on and around the manhood and may want to do something about them. There are many DIY remedies floating around the internet for removing Fordyce spots – but should a man use them to get rid of these harmless manhood bumps?

What they are

The body has a network of glands known as sebaceous glands. There are many of these in the member, and they provide an important function. They create and transport the body’s natural lubricating oils to the skin, where they help keep the skin moisturized and keep skin from drying out. On the manhood, this helps keep male organ skin from becoming dry, flaky and cracked – a look that no man really wants.

Sometimes Cheap Thomas Muller Jersey , however, the sebaceous glands work harder than they have to. They become overactive. When this happens, they can be seen on the top of the skin as tiny little dots, often white or another color that is somewhat paler than the skin surrounding them. This is all Fordyce spots are - overactive sebaceous glands. They are not dangerous and pose no real danger to a person. And they are very common, with some doctors estimating that some 80% of men have these manhood bumps. (Some people may get them on their lips as well.)


Nonetheless Cheap Thiago Alcantara Jersey , some people find them aesthetically unpleasing and wish to have them removed. Since Fordyce spots have been around for thousands of years, many folk “remedies” exist for them. But are they effective? Not really.

For example, many DIY remedies assume that Fordyce spots are due to bacterial growth, which is not the case. But nonetheless, these remedies purport to destroy bacteria in the area Cheap Sven Ulreich Jersey , and thus remove the manhood bumps. Typical among these home methods are the application of turmeric mixed with apple cider vinegar; tea tree oil; jojoba oil; or lemon. Whether they actually affect bacteria may be open to debate, but they definitely do not remove Fordyce spots.

Another tactic has to do with moisturizing the skin. Coconut oil and aloe vera are suggested for this, and while they can help keep skin hydrated, Fordyce spots do not respond to them. Neither do they respond to simply boosting vitamin intake, as other old wives’ tales suggest. For that matter Cheap Sebastian Rudy Jersey , exfoliating via an oatmeal scrub or a mixture of vanilla and sugar is also unlikely to help.

A doctor

For those men who really do wish to remove their Fordyce spots, it’s suggested they consult with a dermatologist. There are some methods, such as laser surgery and chemical peels, which can be effective. But since these manhood bumps are benign, a man may want to be sure he cannot live with them before taking steps to remove them.

While home remedies to remove Fordyce spots (or mother manhood bumps) are unlikely to work Cheap Ron Thorben Hoffmann Jersey , they do draw attention to the need to care for male organ skin – and this can more easily be accomplished through the regular application of a first class male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Moisturization can be aided via a crème that includes both Shea butter (a high-end emollient) and vitamin E (one of nature’s great hydrating agents). And since free radicals and the oxidative damage they cause are a threat to healthy male organ skin, it helps if the selected crème also includes a power antioxidant (such as alpha lipoic acid) to help fight those free radicals.

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