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Let’s see what else the Sony Ps3 has to make ones PS3 gaming experience one of a kind:

A Dualshock 3 Wi-fi Controller

The Dualshock 3 Wi-fi controller puts the action into your hands! Feel every scene and battle! The PS3’s controller sports a remarkable pressure sensitive button system to know the quality of pressure the user refers to each button. .
If you have a PlayStation 3 that will not read your games or Blu-ray discs then this post will explain more about this error and why you have it. What normally happens with this hardware error is that the game discs will be affected plus your PS3 will normally be able to play movie discs but sometimes the many function can go completely.

Also before we get into how to actually fix this problem to consider that you can send it back and they will repair it for you. In my experience what normally happens is they are going to send you a replacement PS3 and you will be able to get oh no- gaming.

The downsides to this is that normally it takes a while to get your system back with most repairs in the factory taking about a month and costing $150.

As you can almost pick up an innovative new for almost the exact same price!

So this has lead to numerous people looking for other ways to fix this problem and also other common problems like the Yellow light of passing or freezing on games.

Back to the problem available though Randy Gregory Jersey , WHY has your PS3 stopped reading video game titles?

Well it is all down to the laser coming faraway from where it has to be in most cases, as well this or it just needs changing.

Now what a lot of people think when they discover the games reading problem with the PS3 is that they will have to replace the complete Blu-ray drive. Now you can do this and if it is carried out correctly it will work in most cases.

However it is a significant technical job and you just look at the amount of eBay listings for broken PS3’s with this problem that suggests quite often it is not one way to go about getting it fixed.

In short replacing the whole Blu-ray drive is overkill!

What you can do however is clean your Blu-ray drive and adjust the laser in the existing drive and this should get you back up and running. Of course the challenging part is then finding some instructions that will tell you how to do this.

There are a several different PS3 Repair guides available and as with most things they vary quite a lot in quality but as a rule of thumb your sincerity get a full guarantee, a preview of that which you are getting and be wary of a proven track record then you definately have the most chance of success.

The plus points if you are successful are that you will not have to replace the drive or send it away and get back to gaming quickly.

Of course if you are in doubt you should bite the bullet and send it back for repair.
If you desire to help play 3D games with your PlayStation 3 Rico Gathers Jersey , you absolutely need 3D-ready home theater items.

Having proven this product for days this product is one of the most useful on the market, view the full review and trial here.

what is the best ps3 game price? , Top Ten PS3 Move Games 2011 Charles Tapper Jersey , Sony PlayStation 3 Is Not Just for Playing Games

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