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by Ihab Abdel-Hadi

CAIRO Hydro Flask Coffee Yellow Clearance , Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- Although it is the fifth time for Egypt's Red Devils to show up at the FIFA Club World Cup, the upcoming football game in Morocco is a very different challenge for Cairo giant al-Ahly team.

""Qualifying for the championship is one of our most valuable victories. We were able to bring smiles to Egyptian faces during a very tough time,"" said al-Ahly coach Mohamed Yousef.

Al-Ahly qualified for the Club World Cup after they received their eighth African Champion League victory when they beat South Africa's Orlando Pirates. It was also the second consecutive time it qualified during a time that many describe as the hardest yet for Egyptian soccer.

""We didn't have a national league for two years and players lost the advantages of national competition matches,"" Yousef said. ""During the African Championship, we had to play outside our city and were deprived of the support of our fans in several matches.""

Egyptian soccer was hit hard by the political turmoil that ravaged the country for the past two years since the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak. Al-Ahly Hydro Flask Coffee Pink Clearance , in particular, was hit hard by riots when tens of its supporters lost their lives in violence in Port Said.

Although many Egyptian fans are thrilled at the idea of meeting the European Champion Bayern Munich in the semi-finals, Yousef is focused on the first scheduled encounter with the Asian Champion Guangzhou Evergrande of China.

""The Chinese team is a good one,"" he said. ""They have an international coach, Marcello Lippi Hydro Flask Coffee Black Clearance , who was able to win a World Cup for Italy in 2006. They have also a number of professional players."" Thus, he doesn't expect the campaign will be an easy one.

""It's our first time to play with the Chinese club and of course it will be a different experience from that of African,"" he added.

For Yousef, preparation included some friendly matches, one of which was canceled after his team suffered several injuries before their departure from Morocco.

But despite this Hydro Flask Coffee White Clearance , he maintains high hopes that the team will achieve in the Club World Cup, which is scheduled to begin on Dec. 12. After all, in 2006, Al-Ahly secured third place thanks to two goals scored by the star striker Mohamed Abu Trika. Yousef hopes that an achievement like the one in 2006 can be repeated.

Some experts add that the team is lucky to play in Morocco for this session as it will be supported by Arab Moroccan fans and also will have similar atmosphere and weather conditions.

For Abu Trika and Wael Gomaa, two al-Ahly stars who may soon retire Hydro Flask Coffee Grey Clearance , the coming championship is significant as it may be the last chance to play in one.

Trika, one of the most decorated players in Africa, doesn't think that the coming match with Guangzhou will be easy. "" Evergrande is a good team and introduces good teamwork,"" he said, adding that al-Ahly players will depend on their experience with previous competitions and Hydro Flask Coffee Blue Clearance , of course, their own ""high spirits,"" which helped them face many difficulties before.

""The championship is the highest one for a soccer club. It is a big honor for Egypt, the Arab world and Africa,"" said Abu Trika who refused to talk about his retirement plans. ""Now I'm only concentrating on the coming match. It's very important to me and other players of the team Hydro Flask Coffee Green Clearance ,"" he told Xinhua.

Ahly football team, established in 1907, has participated in World Club Competition in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2012. It has 95 national and 17 African titles through its history.


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